Animal Services and Control

Dog License

By-law 2008-61 and amendment to 2008-61 requires that all residents who own a dog within the Township be registered annually and wear a tag. When you register your pet, you will receive a tag to attach to your pet's collar to identify your pet if it gets lost and to help you to find it.

Kennel License

By-law 2008-61 requires that any person applying for a kennel license must comply with the requirements of the Township's zoning by-law and building code. The kennel owner must obtain an annual license.

Purchase or Renewal of License

You may complete the Dog Tag Application Form or the Kennel License Application Form and return it with payment to the office or send it by email.


Description of Service
Fees 2022
Fees 2023

NewDog license (per dog)

Renew Dog license

Service Dog






Dog at large- pick-up 1st occurrence



Dog at large- pick-up 2nd occurrence in 12 months



Dog at large- pick-up 3rd occurrence in 12 months



Pound fees (per day)



Administration fees- animal control

10% of pick-up, maintenance, and disposal costs (as applicable)

10% of pick-up, maintenance, and disposal costs (as applicable)

Kennel license



Disposal fee



Adoption fees

$20.00 plus dog tag

$20.00 plus dog tag

Payment Methode:

  • Etransfer at
  • cash, interact or check in person at the Town Hall in St-Eugene.
  • cash or check deposited in the secure deposit box outside the Town Hall.

If you would like more information on this subject, contact us.

More information:

If you have found a dog or lost your dog, please contact

Jessy Hoffman



If the animal is found wearing a tag, we will attempt to contact the owner to reclaim the dog.

We do not have any by-laws regarding cats, however, for any information regarding feral cats you can contact by email or visit their Facebook.

If you have a feral animal problem on your property and you want to get rid of it, please contact our licensed trapper Denis Juillet at (613)557-1117 or (613)632-0166. You always have the option of borrowing a cage without fees from the Township to catch it.

For information on wildlife, species at risk, hunting and fishing regulations, visit the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry.

- Report any wildlife that appears to be sick or behaving strangely to the ministry by calling 1-888-574-6656.

- Report any local natural resource violations, injured wildlife, fish kills or other wildlife problems by calling 613-258-8204.

Anyone who violates the by-law is guilty of an offence. If convicted, the person shall pay a fine for each offence. The fines set out are those set out in Schedule "B" attached to this by-law. By-law 2008-61 Schedule B.

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