Please note that 'Open Air Burning Permits' will not be issued between
May 1st and October 15th.

Open Air Burning phamphlet
By-Law No. 2016-44 Open Air Burning

Smoke Alarms

As a result of an amendment to the Fire Code that came into effect on March 1, 2006, every home in Ontario is now required to have a working smoke alarm on each storey, as well as outside all sleeping areas. It is the responsibility of homeowners and landlords to install and maintain smoke alarms.

Dominic Normand
Fire Chief

East Hawkesbury Fire Department

The East Hawkesbury Fire Department has three (3) fire stations located in the villages of St-Eugene, Chute-à-Blondeau and Ste-Anne de Prescott.

Dominic Normand was appointed Fire Chief for East Hawkesbury in February 2012. The Chief’s primary role is administrative. He is responsible for ongoing training requirements, public awareness and education campaigns, as well as investigation and compliance with The Fire Protection & Prevention Act. He is assisted by Jean-François Santerre, Deputy Fire Chief also appointed in February 2012. The four major objectives of the East Hawkesbury Fire Department , as legislated by the Ontario Government, are : suppression, training, fire prevention and education.

Fire fighters meet at the St-Eugene headquarters at least twice per month for training, practice and discussion. As well, fire fighters receive training on a regular basis in “out of township” training facilities.

Your volunteer fire department is made up of dedicated, involved, community minded persons who train, develop and present fire prevention and education programs, and response to emergencies. Your support is important and we thank you for it.

For any fire related issues, fire prevention or public education awareness programs, please do not hesitate to contact the Fire Chief.

Fire Stations

St-Eugène Headquarters
Ste-Anne de Prescott


By-Law No. 2016-44 adopted by Council of the Township of East Hawkesbury on August 8th, 2016 establishes the requirements with respect to the setting of open air fire.


No person shall set a fire in the Township of East Hawkesbury unless the fire is a permitted fire in accordance with this by-law.

The only permitted fires are:
  • fire set in a burn barrel
  • campfire
  • fire set in an exterior fireplaces
  • fire set in a portable device
  • brush fire in a pile , authorized by a burn permit
  • fire for land clearing operations by Eligible Farmers, authorized by a burn permit.


  • Prior to burning any material on any property, a burn permit must be obtained. There is no charge for this permit.
  • No burn permit required for campfires, fires in a burn barrel or in exterior fireplaces.
  • All types of fires must be supervised at all times and never to be left unattended until completely extinguished.
  • Fire extinguishing equipment must be on site at all times (tools, water, etc…).
  • It is strictly prohibited to set fire directly to grass, hay, leaves or crops!
  • Odors or smoke shall not cause discomfort to persons or affect any properties, otherwise extinguish the fire immediately!
  • It is prohibited to start a fire if the wind conditions could cause any decrease in the visibility on any roadway or highway.
  • The person setting a fire must have the written consent of at least one registered owner of the property on which the fire is set.


i) FIRE IN A BURN BARREL (no permit required)

  • a “burn barrel” is a steel container similar in construction to a 45-gal drum and with a volume no greater than of a 45-gallon drum,
  • the burn barrel shall be in good condition and situated securely on level ground,
  • the burn barrel shall be located at least three (3) meters from any building or structure and at least five (5) meters from any forest or woodland,
  • all openings in the burn barrel shall be entirely covered by metal wire mesh,
  • fire shall be set and maintained during daylight hours only ; and
  • only grass, leaves, brush, wood or wood by-products shall be burned.

ii) CAMPFIRE (no permit required)

  • a fire intended for recreational, cooking or warmth purposes only,
  • the campfire shall be contained within an area completely surrounded by a non-combustible barrier of metal, masonry, ceramic or stone or within a pit in the ground,
  • the campfire shall be located at least three (3) meters from any building or structure and five (5) meters from any forest or woodland,
  • the campfire shall contain no more than one (1) cubic meter of material to be burned at any one time,
  • only dry clean wood shall be burned; and
  • flammable liquids shall never be used.

iii) FIRE IN EXTERIOR FIREPLACES (no permit required)

  • the exterior fireplace shall be located on a non- combustible surface, be in good working order and manufacturer’s instructions must be followed.
  • the fire shall be confined to the exterior fireplace; and
  • only clean dry wood or charcoal shall be burned.

iv) BRUSH FIRE IN A PILE (permit required)

  • a fire set for the purpose of burning in a pile, brush, branches, grass vegetation or leaf type material only,
  • it is mandatory to obtain a burn permit,
  • but no permit will be issued for the period of June 1st to October 1st since it is prohibited to burn during that period,
  • the materials shall be in a pile not exceeding two (2) meters in length, two (2) meters in width, and two (2) meters in height ; and
  • the pile shall be at a distance of no less than thirty (30) meters from the nearest building or structure and any overhead wires.
  • fire set off directly to grass, hay, leaves or crops is strictly prohibited.


  • a fire set by an eligible farmer to burn large piles during land clearing operations,
  • an “eligible farmer” is a farmer who is a member of the Ontario Federation of Agriculture (OFA) or any other valid farming organization,v
  • it is mandatory to obtain a burn permit,
  • but no permit will be issued for the period of June 1st to October 1st since it is prohibited to burn during that period,
  • the fire is set at a distance of no less than ninety meters from any building, hedge, fence, roadway, overhead wires or obstruction of any kind,
  • the materials to be burned shall be piled in a tilled or bare field free of vegetation and combustible materials,
  • no more than five (5) piles can be burned at a single time, and
  • a minimum distance of ten (10) meters must be maintained between piles.


  • discarded fireplace ashes shall be moisten and placed in a heavy metal container covered with a metal lid,
  • ashes shall be kept outside, away from the house, until they had at least four days to cool; and
  • great care should be given in selecting a dump site. Wooded areas should always be avoided.


  • Any person who wishes to obtain a burn permit shall make a request by contacting the Fire Services Department at (613) 674-2170 at least three (3) full working days prior to setting the fire.
  • no charge for a burn permit


  • In the event of a contravention of any provision of By-Law 2016-44, the Township, may enter upon the lands upon which such contravention took place and do such work as is necessary to rectify same, and the owner of the said land will be charged by the Fire Department for their services which shall be recoverable and collected in the same manner as municipal taxes.


  • Please note that, even with the benefit of a permit, any person setting a fire is held responsible for his/her own actions and negligence (injury to person, damage to property).


By-Law No. 2016-44 Open Air Burning