Emergency Services

Emergency Plan

Jessy Hoffman
Community Emergency Management Coordinator (CEMC)
Telephone: 613.674.2170
Email: jhoffman@easthawkesbury.ca

Role of Municipalities

The Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act states that: “Every municipality shall formulate an emergency plan governing the provision of necessary services during an emergency and the procedures under and the manner in which employees of the municipality and other persons will respond to the emergency and the council of the municipality shall by by-law adopt the emergency plan”.

Who is responsible?

The Municipality is required to designate a Community Emergency Management Coordinator (CEMC). Jessy Hoffman is responsible for all aspects of emergency management in the Township. As required under the Act, a Community Emergency Management Program Committee composed of the Mayor, Deputy-Mayor, CEMC and members of the various departments and services in the Township has been established in 2005. The CEMC, in conjunction with the committee shall conduct an annual review of the municipality’s emergency management program and make recommendations to Council for its revision if necessary.

Municipal Emergency Response Plan

As per the recommendations of the Emergency Management Program Committee, Council adopted a revised Emergency Response Plan on December 10, 2007 under By-Law No. 2007-64.