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It's The Law

The Township of East Hawkesbury requires dog owners to comply with the Animal Control By-Law No. 2008-61 aimed at reducing conflicts between dogs, their owners and other members of the community.

> By-law 2008-61

Registration of Dogs

All dogs aged eight (8) weeks and over harboured within the limits of the municipality must be licenced annually with the Township of East Hawkesbury. All dog tags expire on April 30th of each year and must be renewed each year. The license tag must remain attached to the dog at all times. The licence tag may help return a lost or stray dog to its owner.

The Township of East Hawkesbury, in April of every year, mails out with the tax bills a reminder that dog owners must purchase their annual dog licences before April 30th of each year. Dog licences can be purchased from the administration office , 5151 County Road 14, St-Eugene or by mailing your cheque to the municipality . The annual licence fee is $ 20.00 for each dog.

If you are new residents owners of dog(s) , please contact the administration office immediately to obtain a dog licence.

The registration of your dog(s) with our office is mandatory according to municipal By-Law 2008-61. We wish to thank all the owners for their response to our method of registration.

How many animals are permitted?

No more that four (4) dogs may be owned, kept or harboured in any one household within the Township of East Hawkesbury.

Dogs Running at Large

A dog is considered to be running at large when found elsewhere than on the property of the owner and not under the control of a competent and responsible person and is not on a leash securely attached to the owner and having a length of less than 2.4 metres (8 feet).

Dogs running at large may be seized and impounded by the Municipal Law Enforcement Officer or Dog Catcher. A captured dog may be released to the owner if the dog is licensed for the current year and pound fees have been paid.

Supervise your dog at all times. Dogs running loose may injure themselves or become lost. They may also attack livestock, wildlife, other dogs and people. Under the Dog Owner’s Liability Act, the Court may order that the dog be strictly controlled or even destroyed if it has attacked or bitten.

Barking Dogs

The owner of a barking dog that disturbs the peace and quiet of persons in the neighbourhood is in violation of the Animal Control By-Law. Respond immediately to your dog’s barking and do not let is continue.

Train your dog not to bark needlessly.