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Meeting Schedule

Month Date
JANUARY 2017/01/09
FEBRUARY 2017/02/13
MARCH 2017/03/13
APRIL 2017/04/10
MAY 2017/05/08
JUNE 2017/06/12
JULY No meeting
AUGUST 2017/08/28
SEPTEMBER 2017/09/11
OCTOBER 2017/10/10
NOVEMBER 2017/11/13
DECEMBER 2017/12/11
* Tentative date
** Location: 5151 County Road  14, St-Eugène
*** Meeting Schedule is updated regularly on the site
**** The public is welcome to attend. If you wish to make an audience with Council please contact the clerk, Robert Lelebvre at 613-674-2170 at least one week prior to the meeting date.


  1. The regularly scheduled meetings of the Council are held on the second (2nd) Monday of every month at the hour of 6:30 p.m. with the exception that the Council has no meeting in the month of July.

    The dates of the regularly scheduled meetings of the Council will be posted on the Municipal website by the Clerk in December of every year for the coming year.

    In the event that Council cannot complete the order of business on the agenda, the date and time to reconvene the meeting will be posted on the main page of the Municipal Website the following business day.

  2. All special meetings of Council that are called by the Head of Council or upon a petition of a majority of the Members of Council will be posted immediately on the main page of the Municipal website including the nature and purpose of the special meeting and no other matter of Council will be transacted on the date of the special meeting.
  3. Any scheduled meeting of Council that is cancelled or re-scheduled will be immediately posted on the main page of the Municipal website and, when feasible, advertised in the local newspaper "Tribune/Express".

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